Supreme Team

~ Overview ~

Debut: July 14, 2009


* Supreme Team Guide to Excellent Adventure (2009-07-14) : Put It On, Supermagic, Drive, Do, Hooligan’s Anthem, etc.
* BlueBrand Part 2 ; Track 02 말 좀 해줘 (Feat. Soulman)
* Dynamic Duo Vol. 5 – Band Of Dynamic Brothers (07-10-2009) : Track 09 사우나(Sauna) feat. E-Sens Of Supreme Team, Track 10 월광증(Moonstruck) feat. Simon D.

Music Videos:

* Supermagic

* My Girl by Brian Joo feat. Supreme Team

* Then Then Then feat. Young Joon from Brown Eyed Soul

* Get Ready from Athena OST

* Uppercut  by In-Sooni feat. Supreme Team

* Love by Lee Ki Chan feat. Supreme Team

* Dancing Heart by Sori feat. Supreme Team

* Dang Dang Dang

* Step Up

* Zoo by Primary feat. Supreme Team, Yankie & Mellow

~ Profiles ~

Name: Jeong Kiseok

Stage Name: Simon D.

Date of birth : March 9, 1984

Place of birth: Busan, South Korea

Position: Singer and main rapper


Name :  Kang Minho

Stage Name: E-Sens

Date of birth : Feb. 9, 1987

Place of birth : Daegu, South Korea

Position: Lead rapper


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