Mighty Mouth

~ Overview  ~

Debut:  March 3rd, 2008


I Love You (Digital Single, 03-03-2008) : I Love You, Movie Star
Energy (Vol.1, 16-06-2008)
Family (Vol.1 – Special Edition, 12-03-2008) :
Love Class (EP, 2009-08-06)
Winter Line (Single, 2009-11-25)

Music Videos: 

* I Love You feat. Yoon Eun Hye
* Energy feat. Sunye of Wonder Girls
* 패밀리 (Family) feat. Son Dam Bi
* Love Class feat. Han YeSeul (Teaser)
* Hollow Christmas (with Navi)
* Kim Jong Kook – Happy Virus (Teaser)
* Park Hye Kyung – Am I Not Attractive
* Mina – Doh Doh

~ Profiles ~

Name : Lee Sangchul AKA Sangchu

Nickname: 237
Date of birth : Jan. 13, 1982
Blood type : Type AB
Height : 181cm
Weight : 82kg
Hobbies : Working out, reading, listening to music
Religion: Christian
School: Korea University

Name : So Junseop

Nickname: Shorry J
Date of birth : Oct. 4, 1982
Blood type : Type A
Height : 168cm
Weight : 62kg
Hobbies : Mumbling to himself
School: Gaewonjohyoung University
Religion: Christian


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