co-ed school

Name: Lee Soomi (이수미)

Nickname: Shut-eye Soomi, Smile Soomi

Birthdate: March 3rd, 1989

Weight: 47KG

Height: 170cm

Blood Type: A Education: Korea Aerospace University, Aeronautical Science & Flight Operations (Bachelors’ Degree) Hobbies: Shopping, watching movies, collecting shoes

Specialties: Costume design


– Leader of the group.

– Auditioned and won SBS’s “Young Jae Yook Sung Project” in 2001 but never became a trainee.

– Joined and released “Rebloom” with SeeYa in 2009; left SeeYa in 2010.

Name: Lee Kwang Heng (이광행)

Nickname: Rascal Kwanghaeng

Birth date: January 20,1990

Height: 186 CM

Weight: 70KG

Company: Core Contents Media

Hobbies: Movie Appreciation, Imitations, Exercising, Reading

Specialties: Basketball, English

Info: – Guest role in SBS “Coffee House” (2010)

Name: Kim Jungwoo (김정우)

Nickname: Sky Earth Yoosung

Birthdate: May 9, 1990

Weight: 62kg

Height: 181cm

Hobbies: Exercising, Guitar, Game, Shopping, Watching TV

Specialty: Soccer, Biking, Push-Ups

Company: Core Contents Media

Name: Woo Taewoon (우태운)

Nickname: Wise Taewoon (지혜태운)

Birthdate: May 11, 1990

Weight: 68KG

Height: 184CM

Hobbies: Composing songs, basketball, watching movies

Specialties: Painting, writing lyrics, Japanese

Name: Park Yongsu (박용수)

Nickname: Hot Blooded Kangho (열혈강호)

Birthdate: December 14, 1991

Weight: 67KG

Height: 182CM

Hobbies: Watching movies, traveling, sports

Specialties: Golfing, performing

info: – Almost was a pro-golf player

Name: Heo Chanmi (허찬미)

Nickname: Starlight Chanmi

Birthdate: April 6th, 1992

Blood Type: A

Height: 160cm

Weight: 46kg

Siblings: Sister

Education: – High School: Anyang School of Arts studying Theater and Movies

Hobbies: Piano, shopping, watching movies

Specialties: Drums, Chinese

Company: Core Contents Media


– Former SM trainee (2004-2009)

– Former SNSD Member

Name: Kang Inho (강인오)

Nickname: Balance Noori

Birthdate: March 3rd, 1993

Weight: 184CM

Height: 70KG

Hobbies: Music Appreciation, Movie Appreciation, Caro

Specialty: Boxing, Basketball, Soccer, Computers

Company: Core Contents Media

Name: Ryu Hyoyoung (류효영)

Nickname: One Light Hyoyoung

Birthdate: April 22nd, 1993

Siblings: Sister (Ryu Hwayoung of T-ara) and younger brother

Company: Core Contents Media

Education: Sungeul High School

Hobbies: Shopping, reading

Specialties: Cooking


– Won the Miss Cheonhyung 2010 Pagaent

– 2010 Namwon City ambassador

– Starred in KBS1 “Jungle Fish 2” in 2010

Name: Jin Hye Won (진혜원)

Nickname: Little Goo Hara, One Star Hyewoon

Birthdate: March 3rd, 1996

Weight: 46kg

Height: 168CM

Hobbies: Shopping, making cookies

Specialty: Jazz dance

Company: Core Contents Media


– is the youngest of the group.

Name: Choi Sungmin (최성민)

Nickname: Solid Sungmin

Birthdate: December 17th, 1995

Weight: 49kg

Height: 172cm

Hobbies: Drums, listening to music

Specialty: Poppin’

Company: Core Contents Media


– Made a guest appearance on Star King. – Is the youngest Male member

General Info:

– to debut on M-countdown on September 30 2010

[+New Member] Seo EunKyo

Name: Seo Eun Gyo

DOB: March 21, 1995 (age 15)

Group: Co-Ed & 5dolls

Position in the group: Vocalist, Rapper

Hobbies/Specialties: Listening to music, watching movies/Dance, Rap

Personality: Very relaxed and outgoing

How I Became a Member: Casting

Ideal Type: Someone with pretty hands and can play the piano

Role Model: Yoon Mirae

Jinx: Don’t have one

Music I Like: Too many

Place I Go Often: Practice Room

My Fashion Style: Training Clothes

Celebrities I Want to be Close to: (I am close to BEAST’s Doojoon and 2PM’s Wooyoung) Teen Top (Niel), INFINITE, Dalmatian, Secret, 4minute

Favorite Food: Kimchi Pancake

Favorite Color: Sky Blue

Favorite Number: 11

Favorite Movie: Life is Beautiful

Life Motto: Do your best

Label: Core Contents Media


A former JYP Entertainment trainee.

Finalist at the “JYP Trainee Recruitment Audition”, held on September 9th, 2007.

Won the “M Goon Award” and became a top five finalist.

she really admires BoA and is her role model

she is a promising dancer

Co Ed School


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