Leeteuk “ShinDong’s singing part was taken due to vocal fold nodules”

Group Super Junior’s ShinDong revealed his experience of being sick with vocal fold nodules.

At the recent recording of MBC Everyone’s ‘Super Junior’s Foresight’, there was a time to sing a medley of the beautiful singer Kim JungHyun’s hit songs.

First YeSung showed off his amazing singing ability, and when it was ShinDong’s turn to sing, Leeteuk revealed the episode of ShinDong’s vocal fold nodules.

One time ShinDong who usually didn’t have any vocal parts, was recording a song with Leeteuk, and the next day, he was sick with vocal fold nodules. To this ShinDong could not hide his embarassment and confessed that due to that event his part was taken, making everyone laugh at the recording studio [of Super Junior’s Foresight].

Other than that, the 3 MC (Leeteuk, Yesung, ShinDong) were taught by their sunbaenims Oh JungHae and Kim JunghHyun and showed off their hidden (?) talents.

The episode of ShinDong’s vocal fold nodules will be revealed on Wednesday, March 23 at 11PM, through MBC Everyone’s ‘Super Junior’s Foresight’.

Source: bntnews
Translated by Jee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


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